About Building Muscles For Hard Gainers

Losing fat is somewhat hard work, but adding a few pounds of muscles can be a challenging task also. The problem gets worse when so-called hard-gainers are concerned, people who have a difficult time adding and maintaining the desired bodyweight. There are lots of reasons for it, either genetics, some medical condition, metabolic disorders, to inadequate and poor nutrition.

Suppose someone wants to add some muscles to their frame and is skinny by their body composition. In addition, this person eats the usuall quantity of foods for an average developed person. Then the main reason for that skinny look is to be found in the metabolism of eaten foods. Poor metabolism that uses very little nutrients in an optimal manner for the body to develop muscles and to grow. Seen that before, right? Usually, this is the story with young guys and girls, due to the fact of the high metabolic rate of a young body. So, for these individuals, the right choice would be planned and balanced nutrition filled with the right calories, enhanced with nutritional supplements and shakes you see all around you, and avoiding long cardio sessions that could damage the desired goal of gaining some muscles. When you go hit the treadmill for two hours you cant expect big muscles, rather that skinny strong look, despite the strength you develop under the dumbbells or bars loaded with iron and no matter how many times a day you take your meals. You are burning more calories which should be used to provide the base for your growth.

For gaining weight you need heavier loads. Rep range can be smaller, but loads should go up. Training should be shorter, well under 1 hour, and more intense. Also, in every exercise you perform, you should strive for explosiveness – go faster with those dumbbells or bars when things are tough, and slower when the move gets easier. As with any other sport, developing lean muscle mass is needed and necessary for the sake of efficiency and functional strength in your life in general.

Now, when that taken care of, watch out on your waistline. If you notice significant growth too fast, especially around your waist, thighs or your buttocks, you’ll still need some cardio after weight training. Here we see the difference between the people having a hard time to add some mass because of their natural body composition, and the people having just, well, poorly planned nutrition. The other ones will go fat very fast if the only thing that was preventing their growth was poor nutrition. So, better watch out which group are you in, for your goals could be undermined if you pick the wrong strategy.

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People who have trouble gaining mass will notice appetite rising after a good strength training, and the training itself will lead to increased muscle mass and the desired weight. Building muscles should be based on meats, eggs, milk and dairy, fish and all sorts of grains, and all other healthy food. So, in this case, there can be no substitute for balanced nutritional habits. Normally, a goal of increasing muscle mass can handle more carbs and fats, where these types of food can do good. But, under no circumstances should a person be forced to eat more than can handle, it will interrupt the natural balance of the body and can potentially do more harm. Larger quantities of fruits and vegetables are also advised, because of the positive impact on general health. They also improve digestion, so the larger meals will become more tolerable and enjoyable to persons who have trouble eating.

For hard gainers only – with the correct nutrition for supporting your weight gain you don’t need any refined foods, refined sugars, sweets, cakes, juices or alcohol. These are all the enemy of any lifestyle and health goal, no matter what those goals are.

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