Signs Of Physical Exhaustion

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How to know you’re pushing it too hard? When to back off a little? The first one appears rather early as a warning sign – trouble sleeping. If you’re tired, but just can’t close your eyes, you’re under the control of high cortisol levels. cortisol is a stress hormone, reacts primarily to increased activity, no […]

Maintaining Energy Levels


Exercising and activity lead to increased energy consumption. As do long-lasting work hours and bad nutritional choices. A result of it will be tiredness and lack of energy if you don’t understand what affects your energy reserves, and how. FEW KNOWN STEALERS OF ENERGY ALCOHOL – known enemy of any activity. Frequent use of alcohol […]

Dealing With Muscle Soreness

You decided to make a change. Started to follow some gym regime. Maybe just finished your first workout. Everything looks great, you feel confident and strong. Until the next morning, or the morning after, when soreness comes around. You feel pain, your muscles are burning. That’s muscle soreness you’re feeling. It’s the normal side effect […]

Nutritional Plans And Choices

Today we have plenty of methods and guidelines on nutrition and food choices all around us. There are so many proclaimed under all sorts of philosophies and names. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose what’s right because every method has a horde of followers with testimonials to back it up. When you read magazines, […]

A Little Cardio Talk


Well, this part of the season is reserved for some weight management. Hollydays are over. The gym is full of people, new year resolutions and the all year gym rats are everywhere. For those that do the work at all seasons nothing special will change, they’ll go on with the workout routine and familiar lifestyle. […]

Resolutions Or Commitement?

Hollyday season is over. New year starting, a popular time to make some decisions. That’s what most people do, especially when talking about fitness and gym stuff. They go enthusiastic, full of desire to change something, whether that something is the way the person looks, feels, or something in between. Usually, this kind of commitment […]

Fibers And Water – The Key To Optimizing Your Metabolism The Right Way

Fibers – The Goodies Of Balanced Nutrition Another important detail to know while trying to set the right base of healthy nutrition – fibers. Basically, fibers are made of cellulose, plants building blocks, and are therefore found in plants only. Fibers are an important part of nutrition for many subtle reasons. Fibers are the neglected […]

A Way To Build Bigger Chest

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Most of the guys hitting the gym today desire strong chest, chest popping out of the shirt. Chest became a symbol of male strength, and are visually the most significant body part, for the vast majority of trainees. It’s not uncommon to see young guys in the gym forcing chest with 15, 20, 25 sets […]