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Creatine and Muscle Growth: Reasons Why You Should Take Creatine

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Is creatine actually good for you? What are the health benefits of creatine? If you’ve ever set foot on a gym, you’ve probably heard people talking about creatine and muscle growth. Perhaps you’re even thinking about using it yourself. After all, it’s one of the most popular athletic supplements for enhancing performance in the gym. […]

Nutritional Plans And Choices

Today we have plenty of methods and guidelines on nutrition and food choices all around us. There are so many proclaimed under all sorts of philosophies and names. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose what’s right because every method has a horde of followers with testimonials to back it up. When you read magazines, […]

Fibers And Water – The Key To Optimizing Your Metabolism The Right Way

Fibers – The Goodies Of Balanced Nutrition Another important detail to know while trying to set the right base of healthy nutrition – fibers. Basically, fibers are made of cellulose, plants building blocks, and are therefore found in plants only. Fibers are an important part of nutrition for many subtle reasons. Fibers are the neglected […]

Minerals – The Key To Good Health

What Are Minerals? Minerals are important chemical elements for our body to grow, to develop and to stay healthy. Minerals play many significant rules in our bodies, such as the regulation of the enzymes and hormones, maintaining a normal heartbeat, the building of strong bones, etc. Mineral deficiency can cause big problems for our health, […]

Vitamins – Essential Nutrients For Healthy and Long Life

What Are Vitamins? Vitamins are organic compounds that allow our body to function properly and to, ultimately, grow. The most of vitamins, like minerals, are essential – what means that our body can’t synthesize them, so we have to get them into our body through food or supplements. The vitamin deficiency can lead to serious […]

Good Choices To Eat After Working Out

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Post-workout period is a crucial time for your body to receive proper nutrients needed to repair broken muscles. The primary goal of your post workout meal is to supply the body with the right nutrients for repairing your muscle and recharging your energy levels. The timing of your post-workout meal is within 45 minutes after […]

Top Nutrition Mistakes In The Modern World

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Let’s talk a little about common nutritional mistakes all of us do and only few of us are aware off. Note that all the health problems in western civilization, when we exclude the diseases caused by accidents, poisoning or environmental factors, autoimmune diseases and diseases caused by highly contagious virus microorganisms, are directly or indirectly […]

The Importance Of Fats In Everyday Nutrition

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Now people, first to explain a little something about fats and their role in our body. 10% of human body mass are fats, and are important part of any human nutrition. In our body fats can be observed as storage fat and as tissue fat. Like carbs, fats serve as energy source, but more stable […]

Carbohydrates For Fueling Your Body

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Carbohydrates ( carbs ) are essential fuel to our body. Unlike fats, carbs burn twice the speed. Generally speaking, they are easy to use energy, primarily stored in liver and muscles. This fact is what makes them valuable for any human activity, and the one that makes them no 1. enemy in modern day fitness […]

Things You Should Know About Protein

Big word in the fitness world. Everything today is about proteins. There is a good reason for it. We’ll start explaining what these words mean and why you should know a little about it. Basically, proteins are compounds of nitrogen found in animal and plant tissue. All living organisms are made of compound protein chains. […]