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Push Pull Legs (PPL): Routine For Strength and Hypertrophy

If you’re past the beginner’s stage and want to gain strength and stimulate muscle hypertrophy, a Push Pull Legs (PPL) split routine is the way to go. Choosing a proper training split is the beginning of outlining your special workout program. You could make several body-part combinations as you divide up the muscles. However, training […]

Deadlift And Its Undeniable Benefits

Are you familiar with the benefits of deadlift? If not, then you have come to the right place! The deadlift is a trendy weightlifting movement that involves lifting weights from the ground. There are numerous benefits of deadlifting, ranging from enhanced athletic performance to muscle growth and improved strength. In terms of exercises, deadlifting is […]

High Volume vs. High Intensity: Which is better for muscle growth?

Working out is challenging, especially for beginners. Not everyone’s body will react the same to a certain type of workout. This is why, ultimately is up to you to find what works. In this guide, we will discuss what is high volume training and the high-intensity training, two strategies that you can try. But before […]

Dealing With Muscle Soreness

You decided to make a change. Started to follow some gym regime. Maybe just finished your first workout. Everything looks great, you feel confident and strong. Until the next morning, or the morning after, when soreness comes around. You feel pain, your muscles are burning. That’s muscle soreness you’re feeling. It’s the normal side effect […]

A Little Cardio Talk


Well, this part of the season is reserved for some weight management. Hollydays are over. The gym is full of people, new year resolutions and the all year gym rats are everywhere. For those that do the work at all seasons nothing special will change, they’ll go on with the workout routine and familiar lifestyle. […]