Good Choices To Eat After Working Out

post-workout meal

Post-workout period is a crucial time for your body to receive proper nutrients needed to repair broken muscles. The primary goal of your post workout meal is to supply the body with the right nutrients for repairing your muscle and recharging your energy levels. The timing of your post-workout meal is within 45 minutes after your workout, where nutrients are more absorbable and where you’re going to build more muscle than somebody that doesn’t consume the proper nutrients at the right time. Although the timing doesn’t need to be exact, try to stick to this golden rule and let your body to get the whole process done faster..
Post-workout meal will help to stimulate the growth of new muscles and allow you to see the benefits of your workout regimen. When you’re looking for the best meal after a workout, it’s important to consider nutrients such as proteins and carbs. In your post-workout meals always choose easily digestible food for faster absorption of nutrients.

Proteins For Repair and Muscle Build

The main thing in your post-workout meal is protein, necessary for muscle repair and growth. During a workout, especially weight training, we’re going to damage a lot of muscle tissue so your muscles are going to need proteins. Because proteins are made up of amino acids, the building blocks of your muscles. So, in your post workout meal avoid fried and tough fatty meats and stick to the chicken breast, tuna, lean pork ect. These are just some of plenty protein source that you can eat after your workout.

Recharge Your Energy With Carbs

However, your muscles aren’t the only thing that suffers during your workout. Glycogen stores are depleted from your muscles during the workout as well. These glycogen stores need to be replenished to assist your recovery and to prepare you for your next workout. Eating plenty of carbs is most important for people who train often, such as twice in the same day. In post workout meal, try to avoid high-fibers sources of carbs because they can be difficult to digest and tend to remain in the stomach a long time. Sweet potatoes, rice, grits are just one of the good choices after your workout to recharge your energy level and maximize the benefits of your workout.

What About Fats?

Fats should not be found in your post workout meal because fats will slow down the absorption and digestion of the other nutrients. Simply put, fats don’t allow carbs and proteins to do their job as quickly. The other reason is that fats are slow to digest and they need time to be converted into a usable form of energy. Therefore, body uses carbs (glucose) as a primary source of energy. In this case carbs are much better choice to recharge your energy level after workout.

The bottom line

Remember, protein is the main nutrient in your post workout meal and play an important role in repairing your whole body after workout. Find what fits to your body and choose right food that will not make a problem with your digestive system. Don’t be burdened too much with just post workout meal. Take care about your daily intake of proteins, fats, and carbs because that is what matter the most.

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