Evaluating Expectations, Setting Goals and Beyond

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Weather you’ve just started or you are a workout rock star, one thing remains a constant – you have expectations, and you picked your goals to achieve. That is what human beings are, what they do, and it’s perfectly normal and justified. You should have something to work for, in life and in the terms of physical activity.

If you want success, goals come in handy as a measure of your progress. There is no greater feeling than hitting your desired plateau, that spot you’ve always wanted to stand on, and to feel satisfied with your accomplishments. It drives you forward, gets you in the game, and expands your ability with every new step you take on your way. Surely you need the right mindset to follow your expectations and to push you forward and closer to the goal you’ve set for yourself.



Here is where most of the people get it wrong and where they most often fail. The only reason is not knowing how to nurture the right mindset, mainly because there are no strict rules to follow, or some kind of a blueprint for it. Something that drives one man means nothing to the other, so the question of right mindset can’t be precisely determined by guides or rules. It’s the domain of human psychology, and as such can be a pretty confusing topic, hard to master.

But, in general, the best advice is not to complicate things. So, find your starting point (be real about it), expect something in return for your time and effort and look ahead to where you want to be in one week, month, or maybe a year. You’ve established your path, now it’s time to develop your inner strength, motivation and desire, the small little pieces of the right mindset.

To do so you’ll need some mind programming. Think of your brain as a computer, and your thoughts as programs that are constantly running things around. To use the computer you need to know what programs to run, and for what to use them. Maybe a little abstract comparison, but very true when it comes to practical use of the right mindset. You’ve been programmed your whole life, without even knowing it, by society, religion and beliefs, schooling… Everything you know about yourself and your abilities is the result of instructions and programs. Hell, today even economics science acknowledges mind programming as a regular part of doing business, marketing theory is strongly associated with it, politics, and nearly every part of human civilization has one of its own. So why shouldn’t you?

And to master the art of programming your mindset you’ll need to know basic rules and what instructions to use. First of all, don’t go negative. If you run on an obstacle, and you think it’s too hard and you’ll never do it, don’t shout it out loud – don’t use negative words – I can’t, I’m not in the position, it’s too hard, I’ll never get it… Think about it a little and you’ll see how obvious the effect of this negative thought can be. If you call some kid stupid for a long period of time he’ll probably start to believe in it. Or if you call yourself stupid, just the same. Use positive words instead, wrap them up in your mind, let them circulate through your whole being – I can do this, I’m good in doing this, I’ll break those barriers, I’ll achieve those goals. It takes a little time to practice this positive programming, but you’ll see how fast your mindset change. And you’ll be more confident, more self-aware, more focused. Then loose the future in those thoughts and go real time with positive programming – I’m strong, I’m focused, I’m confident… now you are really kicking it.Observe your weak thoughts, the ones that make you lie on the bed when you really should be running. Or thoughts that make you go to fridge and eat when you should be sticking to your daily meal routine. Or keeping you awake at night when you should be resting and sleeping. What are they, why are those thoughts even here, now, when you decided to do something for yourself?

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Well, the brain can be a great deceiver, illusionist, and he’ll try to maintain the state you are in. Because brain hates new things, he despises any change in the routine. So, if you put your will and attention for too long on negative feeling, your brain will lead you to fall back to your common beliefs from an earlier time. And that’s why your newly created programs may fall down under the influence of your past mindset. That is particularly true in the absence of sugar (when you’re dieting, training, running etc.). If you’re not careful, you’ll be eating donuts in a second just to please the brains desire to remain in its comfort zone. On the other hand, if you learn to see and to observe such thoughts, you’ll start to reject them naturally, and your mindset will easily replace them with all the positive instructions mentioned above. That’s the way to reprogram your bad habits in general.

Lastly, understand that our will, our motivation, and our strength come from our thoughts, from our brain. The brain functions as any other organ, meaning if you stress it enough it will misbehave, it will start to produce negative impact first on physical level, and then it will reflect on your mental awareness. To evade those effects you need some mental fitness. Grab an enigmatic magazine, paint, do something creative, give your thoughts some freedom. Engage in some meditative work, learn some breathing techniques, and explore the depths of your inner being. Brain loves conditioning, and, other than sugar, loves oxygen.

Hope you found some different perspective in these words. Understand that your thoughts are your strongest weapon and can make a huge impact on your life if you master the art of mental programming. It’s the essence of successful and fulfilling life, and the true power of any human being.