Few Tips On How To Get In Shape

Even though losing fat is a primarily esthetic choice, getting in shape goes hand in hand with it. When you drop a pound or two you feel lighter, your agility increases and your body runs things more smoothly.  People today have plenty of problems with fat loss. The main would be searching for shortcuts, some new stimulant, supplement, workout without a workout, and so on. And these almost always fail.

Here are some plain and simple guides to help you on your way to lose some fat and to shape up.

Drink Enough Water

In general, people tend to drink less water than they need. That puts the body in constant dehydration state where many metabolic processes will be slowed down, while the body fights to sustain as much water possible in the system. No need to mention that all the tocsins and waste won’t be effectively flushed out of the body, what can cause many health problems.

So, to optimize your metabolism be sure to drink enough water. If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

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Burn More, Eat Less, Or Combine For Optimal Results

There is no diet, regime, rule, that can guarantee you fat loss if you aren’t in a caloric deficit. Caloric deficit is relatively simple term – you should burn more calories daily relative to your caloric intake.  The first step is figuring out how many calories do you need for your day. Some of them are necessary for maintaining all the basic functions of your body, some are here to get you through the day, some to provide the base for any additional activities you do – like sports, learning, dealing with people etc. You have lots of resources on the daily caloric intake on the net and possibly as an app in your smartphone, so go and pick your choice. Be honest about it, do.

Now you have a choice. To eat less, to eat the same but to spend more, or to combine eating and spending those calories. Our choice is the third one. You need the moderate activity of any kind while sticking to the balanced nutrition principle. Combine the right foods with the right expenditure and you’re ok. In this story refined foods of any kind aren’t welcome, so ditch it completely from your menu ( white sugar is a definitive no-go ).

Increase Your Protein Intake

This one is clear. The body treats the muscles like additional luxury equipment, very expensive luxury equipment. For the body to maintain muscles we need proteins, and to use those proteins body needs more calories. That means elevating your daily caloric intake. Remember what we talked a minute ago? If you are allowed to eat more while still losing fat, would you consider it?

If fat loss is your goal, then increasing your protein intake is the most effective change you can make. It further increases your metabolism. Muscles burn calories. They also trigger three main hormones (growth hormone, IGF-1, glucagon) that promote the fat burning process even more.

One catch here – you cannot build muscles running on a treadmill. You need some iron, and dumbbells, or any kind of strength training regime. That’s why we choose the optimal combination of strength training and cardio training to get you in perfect shape without injuries, unnecessary pain, and soreness. Balance, as always.

Why a Lifestyle Change?

Ok. Fat loss is almost always a short term commitment. People just go and do some new things and hope to lose a pound without any thoughts on the process itself. They want to look better, and to feel better afterward. It’s a legit goal, but it lasts for a month or two. Then everything goes to the place where it was before.

We urge you to think about your body. Consider what it takes to lead a fully functional and long life. Being healthy allows you more freedom, more power to deal with the bad days we all face in life, it builds confidence, reputation, takes away a great deal of society related problems. Being healthy results with great aesthetics also. In today’s world that’s a huge advantage. If its politically correct can be debatable, but it is a fact.

A base of a healthy life, and you’ll find these words all over the world, are physical fitness and optimal nutrition. These two terms are the base, without them you could have a hard time maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Adjust your lifestyle to support the greatest instrument of all, the human body.

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Stop Making Excuses And Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Don’t be afraid to fail sometimes, mistakes are valuable. You cannot dodge mistakes, at least not always. Try to embrace every single mistake you have made and make it a part of your experience. This is how we people learn and go up the stairways of life. Fitness is just the same. Sometimes you’ll do a sloppy training, sometimes you’ll eat a cake or two. And its ok if you’re ok with it.

But to find an excuse to not start at all will literally get you nowhere. All because you were afraid of a mistake. Overcome those fears and see where you’ll end up at the end. Those mistakes will look ridiculous after you mastered all the choices that lead to them in the first place.

And the first mistake you’ll find in fitness world – do not take things so seriously. Be more casual about your goals but stick to the track, don’t loose focus.