Fibers And Water – The Key To Optimizing Your Metabolism The Right Way

Fibers – The Goodies Of Balanced Nutrition

Another important detail to know while trying to set the right base of healthy nutrition – fibers. Basically, fibers are made of cellulose, plants building blocks, and are therefore found in plants only.

Fibers are an important part of nutrition for many subtle reasons. Fibers are the neglected cleaners of our digestion system, good at removing all the metabolic junk. They also increase the volume of eaten food, making it slower in passing through our digestion, so the body has more time to extract and to absorb all the goodies from it. They also slow down the carbs digestion and so help with keeping blood sugar levels under control (remember the words from carbs section in this book?).

Nutrition rich in fibers will help with common human problems like constipation and weight management. Fibers are also important in fighting and prevention of diseases, in the prevention of cardiovascular problems in particular.

Plants are great sources of fibers. Here we also have the same rule – eat only natural sources, unrefined and unprocessed. The white flower so bellowed by our modern society, has no fibers in it, because all the fibers were removed in the manufacturing process. The integral flower is a whole new story, rich in fibers, and used today in many ways – bread, pasta, integral cookies and so on. Rice also – white glazed rice is poor in fibers but brown unprocessed rice has plenty of fibers in it.

Different veggies and fruits have a different amount of fibers. The best sources in that group are spinach, green leafy vegetables, pea, and beans.

appetite apple close up

Water – No Alternative Here

We are made out of the water, over 70% of our body is water. That alone makes water the number one player in the game. We can live without food for a certain time – over a month they say. Today we have people who do not eat at all, but without water, we’re not going to make it very far. Water plays a significant role in our body.  Every aspect of human life, of human health, starts with water. To run things smoothly water is a must. Our body needs water to maintain stable composition, to regulate body temperature, to support the exchange of nutrients in our cells, to do the elimination of unwanted byproducts of digestion and tocsins out of the body, is responsible for proper joint functions, and many more.

You should drink water whenever you feel thirsty. If you feel thirst to an excessive level it means you are already well dehydrated. So, do not wait so far, take a glass or two every hour. When dehydrated, the body will try to retain water.

This fact is also very important from an aesthetic point of view. When you have water retention these reserves will show where you don’t want them to show. And, by beginning to drink water regularly, all the reserves will be flushed off. Here is a catch – most of the express diets made their way from bodybuilding to the general population, where a person can manipulate these water reserves and loose few pounds right away or in a short time. But that’s not fat you’re losing, that’s only water combined with small amounts of fats and a little pure lean muscle mass.

So, up with your water intake, go for 3-4 liters of water daily, especially when you’re training or doing hard work, in regular intervals.  If you need more, go for more. At the start, you’ll be forced to go to the toilette more often, but your kidneys will get used to higher water supply and you’ll get back to your normal rhythm.