Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates – Important Nutrients

proteins, fats, carbohydrates

Surprisingly, among all the nutritional guides, books, advice’s, plans, people tend to be confused and don’t really know what the base of healthy balanced nutrition is. Also, in our experience, regular people today don’t know the difference between some basic food choices they have to choose from, that could promote their health and help them lead a healthier life.

To break it down real and simple – all foods fall under three basic food categories. That would be proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Our body uses all of them on a regular basis, and therefore needs all of them to function properly.


Proteins are the building blocks of our muscles. Without protein body will start to degenerate, metabolism will go down, and our hormonal system will become inefficient. Proteins are found mainly in animal meat and fish, eggs, milk and dairy, soy, grains, nuts… while some prefer animal origin, plant sources can also be used to substitute them, although it takes some precise planning and a little more knowledge. From a health standpoint, either will do good for our body. The amount of protein in an adult nutrition will vary depending on activities and lifestyle the person undertakes. For example, a bodybuilder will need much more protein in his diet than an office clerk with sedentary job.



Carbohydrates are an unpopular term these days. Mainly because the excess consumption of carbs leads to obesity. But not all carbs are created equal. Main purpose of carbs is to provide energy to our body for any kind of work that needs to be done. With that in mind any normal diet should include them in daily menu. Today we have several popular diets that promote eating a few grams of carbs daily, mainly after a workout. These diets rely solely on protein and fat to get you through the day. Some people can follow that regime, but most of the general population can not, at least not for a longer period. And the effects of following that diet can be somewhat different than you might expect, because not all of us should follow the same principles. Basically, what gets results to one man could potentially lead to some serious problems to the other one. So, advice’s on carbs – include them in your daily meal plan and watch out on the quantity of them on your plate. Also, don’t combine them – meaning if you eat bread or beagle, don’t combine it with pasta, rice or potatoes.

coconut oilFats

Fats, oh that hated word. The real problem with fats can be broken down to two main facts – the energetic value of the food rich in fat, and the type of fat. First one is in calorie count – fats are primarily extremely caloric, have more than double calories than protein and carbs. So you should definitely keep the fats under control when it comes to size of the fatty food on your plate. It’s not the same if you eat skinless chicken breasts or greasy pork steak. Logically, the look of the plate is much more pleasing in quantity with chicken on it, than with pork steak ( pork steak should be twice the size of chicken ). The other fact is in type of fats. We won’t go deep on this one, just beware of the saturated fats found all around us. Their consumption should be held under control, and you should stick to the desaturated fat sources like olive oil, coconut oil, lean meat and so on.

Nutrient Ratio

And the last thing – the ratio of the nutrients. Well, it depends on your goals. But, for those just starting with their healthy lifestyle, try to include all of the foods from the main groups in 20-60-20 ratio. So 20% protein sources, 60% carbs and 20% fats to start with. Do not worry about the vegetables and fruit consumption; they can do you well always and if you eat them right – between meals for the fruits, and in every meal for the veggies.

That alone will get you started. You should see results after two – three weeks. Then you could think about elevating your knowledge and experimenting with the food ratios further. The only setback could be you not sticking to the right food choices. Final thing – ditch the sugar, we can’t stress that enough. Following this guide you should lose a few pounds in a matter of weeks, and, if you do some easy workout routines, you should see some pleasing effects on your figure.