Maintaining Energy Levels


Exercising and activity lead to increased energy consumption. As do long-lasting work hours and bad nutritional choices. A result of it will be tiredness and lack of energy if you don’t understand what affects your energy reserves, and how.


ALCOHOL – known enemy of any activity. Frequent use of alcohol interferes with sleep quality, along with many other things. Always be on the safe side, do not drink frequently and too much, spend a few days without alcohol at all.

SMOKING – nicotine is known for its stimulative nature for our brain, but afterward does the opposite and promotes depressive states. It also increases the speed of the body’s refinement and usage of micronutrients, especially B vitamins and vitamin C. Smoking also increases the use of antioxidants that help in detox processes.

STRESS – let something you love doing become your everyday habit, no matter what activity you choose. You need something to get your mind off of the problems you face. Listen to some music, go for a walk, meet some people, hang out. Find something, anything, and let go of unnecessary worries and plans.

TIREDNESS – here we need to point out that tiredness may come from different food choices that a body can’t process the right way, or may be sensitive or allergic to them. Tiredness often leads to lethargy. If lethargy persists, even after a good night sleep and enough and well-planned foods, chances are you’ll need to focus on some known troublemakers in several food categories.


SLEEP – no need to point out all the good effects of sleep. you can find more on the blog article about the benefits of sleep here.

FRESH AIR – If you’re tired and feeling down go for a walk on the fresh air. A ten-minute walk will make you feel much better.

DEEP BREATHING – perfect way of releasing tension and negative thoughts from our system. People forgot how to breathe for your health, so we strongly advise you to check out a few tutorials and videos on the net that teach how to use breathing techniques to your benefit.

If you have no interest in it, just breathe a little deeper, try to feel your lungs completely, down to your waistline, hold the breath for two tree seconds, and gently exhale. Do not force deep breathing, because it can trigger dizziness. Try to find your best measure to start with.

BREAKFAST – a most valuable meal of the day, where you can eat a little extra and get away with it, but only if you’ve picked the right foods. Skipping breakfast is not the way to go, even though today you have plenty of opinions that try to dispute the value of breakfast in human nutrition. Don’t fall for it. If you want energy, you need to supply your body with the best nutrients and start from the base – balanced breakfast.

Keep in mind that chocolate cereals and similar products are not balanced choices in any way. Go for real foods – eggs, integral bread, fresh orange juice, a glass of milk… Get the point?