Nutritional Plans And Choices

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Today we have plenty of methods and guidelines on nutrition and food choices all around us. There are so many proclaimed under all sorts of philosophies and names. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose what’s right because every method has a horde of followers with testimonials to back it up. When you read magazines, books, publications or any other type of reports on nutrition you could easily get confused. What’s the deal here?

Well, when talking about nutrition, despite all the fancy names it all comes to several basic categories. Some are effective and provide the base for a healthy life, some are little more challenging and provide results faster, but also can endanger your progress and are so hard to maintain in the long run.

Balanced Nutrition

The approach we can recommend to every person on this planet is based on the variety of foods and nutrients and their effective combination. Balanced nutrition method. What does that mean? The human body utilizes every type of foods to provide the base for maintaining all the body functions. For the body to be in perfect shape you need every nutrient from all the main categories of food. You need proteins and fats. You need veggies and fruits. You need water and fibers.

Everything serves its purpose. The real fuss is all about the quantity. You simply shouldn’t eat too much, or you should aim to eat just the right amounts of food at the right time. This is obviously based on your gender, age and activity level, and your goal at the end. Make the necessary adjustments and you’re good to go.

Juices, cakes, chocolate, pizza, burgers, and so on, are not real food to begin with. Some may advise cheat meals every now and then, but the problem here lies in all the other days where cheats are often found in the most unexpected places. Things like cereals, for example. Oatmeal is the perfect choice for breakfast, but a bowl of chocolate chip cereals is not. A banana may come in handy as a snack, but a brownie or calorie dense smoothie is not.

Get the point? Food should resemble its natural state. If you cannot identify what’s in front of you go and find a better alternative.

This integral principle works for all. Vegans and vegetarians also – here they just need to tweak the food choices according to their desires, especially protein sources, obviously.

Every now and then you can choose to achieve some particular goal. May it be weight loss, building muscles, detox the body, fight the symptoms of some disorders or similar.  Here variations to the base plan come into play. No need to mention that you should invest some time to examine these special nutritional habits and how they affect your life.

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The Keto ( ketosis ) Diet

Basically, keto means restricting calories from carbs while forcing other two groups of food – healthy fats and proteins, with the goal to achieve ketosis. Ketosis means burning fat for energy, instead of the eaten carbs. This combination works well in short term, while in the long run can cause problems. It’s hard to maintain also, for vast majority of people. This could angry some of the followers of the keto diet plans, but, from experience, they all come to the same place after a while. Very few people can stick to keto diet plans as a part of their lifestyle, except the ones who have no other choice because of some illnesses or metabolic disorders.

A better alternative is practicing ketosis when needed, as a part of your weight management, detoxing the system, or achieving a more muscular look. That’s what bodybuilders do when preparing for a competition, and they know their way about nutrition.

Another thing is in people genetic heritage. We need a certain amount of fat to function normally. If we force the body to maintain unnaturally low-fat percentage were basically producing more harm to our general health. Think about obese people. Well, low-fat percentage all year long is on the other side of the same coin. It’s not considered healthy at all, not for regular people.

Carb Cycling

This system works great with the integral nutritional plan from the start of the story. You’re not supposed to exclude any of the foods, but you’ll program the intake of carbs on a weekly basis. What this does is it puts the body into an anabolic state, optimal for fat loss and muscle building. Here we have all the nutrients all year long, so our body shouldn’t store any excess fats for some future times. Normally, if you maintain the right caloric intake. So, two days a week go for low carbs intake ( under 30 grams daily similar to ketosis diet plans ), while elevating the protein and good fat intake accordingly. Two days following need the moderate carbs intake, and then comes one day of high carbs. After that, circle goes back to the start. Now, try to find your best measure, tweak the carbs days to suit your training and life routine. And, as with any system, watch out on your general calorie intake.

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Intermittent Fasting

Another form of food plan variation. This one is based on the timeframe of eating, followed by a fasting period. Here you need to take all of your calories in an 8-hour time frame. Then, the rest of the day you shouldn’t eat anything at all. Quite easy to maintain. But is it healthy?

Well, fasting is considered to be extremely healthy. It helps the body to lose excess junk out of the system, does wonders for your general health altogether. Fasting is backed up by numerous health studies all around the world, and it has its worth. No worries there. Fasting can be your prime method to elevate your health when done like its supposed to.

And intermittent fasting is not the way it should be done. Especially if you plan to do some training, or you need some mental calmness in your life. Instead, go for two fasting periods in a year, cleanse out your system, prepare your body right for it. This way you’ll be having the benefits of fasting without all the negative sides of intermittent fasting.

The Conclusion On The Diet Talks

The best possible way to stay in good form and in best health is the integral balanced nutrition, nutrition without ups and downs, nutrition that will back you up in all your desires and activities. All the other forms of nutrition can be undertaken when needed and according to precise goals and timing. They are not meant to be everyday nutrition. Maybe this sounds controversial, it can make some of you angry, but its the reality we see in the gym, in life, in everyday activities.

If you are healthy individual, without any medical condition, you can freely enjoy all the food that’s out there in the quantity you really need. Another fact – if your caloric intake is too high there is no system that can prevent the fat storing on your waist. So, don’t eat too much, get to know your body, pick the right and natural food.

For those that have some problems, be informed about what food can help and what can endanger your health. Allergies, celiac disease, diabetes, heart problems, to name only a few, all demand different approaches and nutrition. Ask for real information backed by science, ask your nutritionist, doctor, any professional for advice. Do not go exploring the internet universe on your own, without consulting the people that know the complexity of human nutrition.

And be vise. Search for information. Experiment a little. When you start to notice just how your body reacts to different food choices you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it.

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