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Stress – The Real Sickness Of Modern Life

There’s been some talk about stress here before. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand what stress is, and what it does to our life. Today’s world is a madhouse. It leaves very little, if any, time to properly rest and to be at peace, to calm the mind, to really put

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Good Choices To Eat After Working Out

Post-workout period is a crucial time for your body to receive proper nutrients needed to repair broken muscles. The primary goal of your post workout meal is to supply the body with the right nutrients for repairing your muscle and recharging your energy levels. The timing of your post-workout meal

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Training Methods and Tips For a Total Beginners

Form Builds Muscles When you walk into the gym for the first time, you are faced with a million questions: How much weight should I lift? How many reps? How many sets? How long should I train? What are repetitions, series? These questions are some of the many. All beginners

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Top Nutrition Mistakes In The Modern World

Let’s talk a little about common nutritional mistakes all of us do and only few of us are aware off. Note that all the health problems in western civilization, when we exclude the diseases caused by accidents, poisoning or environmental factors, autoimmune diseases and diseases caused by highly contagious virus

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Evaluating Expectations, Setting Goals and Beyond

Weather you’ve just started or you are a workout rock star, one thing remains a constant – you have expectations, and you picked your goals to achieve. That is what human beings are, what they do, and it’s perfectly normal and justified. You should have something to work for, in

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The Importance Of Fats In Everyday Nutrition

Now people, first to explain a little something about fats and their role in our body. 10% of human body mass are fats, and are important part of any human nutrition. In our body fats can be observed as storage fat and as tissue fat. Like carbs, fats serve as

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Carbohydrates For Fueling Your Body

Carbohydrates ( carbs ) are essential fuel to our body. Unlike fats, carbs burn twice the speed. Generally speaking, they are easy to use energy, primarily stored in liver and muscles. This fact is what makes them valuable for any human activity, and the one that makes them no 1.

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Train Smart, Be Consistent and Strive For Progress

What It Takes To Ensure Good Training Session? How Does The Training Look Like? Really, at the bottom of every physical activity there are always two main stones that form the base of long life successful active lifestyle. Simply put, the base of any training, any effort, would be consistency as

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Things You Should Know About Protein

Big word in the fitness world. Everything today is about proteins. There is a good reason for it. We’ll start explaining what these words mean and why you should know a little about it. Basically, proteins are compounds of nitrogen found in animal and plant tissue. All living organisms are

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