proteins, fats, carbohydrates

Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates – Important Nutrients

Surprisingly, among all the nutritional guides, books, advice’s, plans, people tend to be confused and don’t really know what the base of healthy balanced nutrition is. Also, in our experience, regular people today don’t know the difference between some basic food choices they have to choose from, that could promote

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fitness cardio

Fitness and Nutrition Myths You Need To Be Aware Off

When you’re just starting out with your workout and nutritional schedule you should definitely be aware of some pretty strange facts surrounding all of the health and fitness industry. It will make your life much easier and you’ll focus better on the real guidelines you should follow. Guidelines that are proven

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fitness journey,training

Beginner’s Tips: Where To Start Your Fitness Journey

So you want to start your fitness journey. You find yourself standing in front of some fitness center. You stare at big shiny glass walls wondering what’s on the other side. Behind that big glass there are some animals bouncing dumbbells around, surely some bad guys you don’t want to

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healthy living, diet

Healthy Living and How To Start It

Today everything is achievable. On the other hand, we are living in a world full of distinct pressure, bombarded with news about obesity epidemic, cancer epidemic, diabetes… Real story would be that healthy living and reaching or maintaining healthy weight is determined by different factors for every person living today.

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physical activity

Physical Activity Can Improve Quality Of Life

Today we often hear about the damage stress has in our everyday life. The story goes so far that all the difficulties related to health, but not identified and described by the medicine theory, are commonly addressed as the stress related issues. You all heard that one, right? You are

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Sleep for your health

Sleep For Your Health: Reason To Get More Sleep

SLEEP AND REST Why is sleep so important for health? Average person today lives fast. On an everyday basis, weare expected to maintain all the goodies of modern lifestyle, may it be in business, household, relationships with others… Therefore stress becomes an obstacle leading to all sorts of problems. Some

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