Push Pull Legs (PPL): Routine For Strength and Hypertrophy

If you’re past the beginner’s stage and want to gain strength and stimulate muscle hypertrophy, a Push Pull Legs (PPL) split routine is the way to go.

Choosing a proper training split is the beginning of outlining your special workout program. You could make several body-part combinations as you divide up the muscles. However, training smart requires you to follow some essential principles.

Many splits avoid these principles and, therefore, put you in a difficult situation before you even choose your exercises. Luckily, one of the best and most effective routines—based on basic principles—is the Push Pull Legs routine.

Today, we’ll dive deep into the PPL workout to discover how efficient this training split is.

What Is Push Pull Legs Routine?

As you’d expect, a Push Pull Legs split uses 3 workouts based on pushing, pulling, and your legs.

While the push workout focuses on pushing movements that work your upper body (e.g., shoulders, chest, and triceps), the pull workout targets pulling movements (e.g., rowing machine) and utilizes the back muscles and biceps.

And lastly, the leg workout works with the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves.

Now, the reason it’s a split is that you need to split the PPL workouts up between 3 days. These three workouts are alternated over the number of weekly training sessions you decide to do.

So, for example, if you’re hitting the gym only 3 days a week, you’d perform each workout on its own set day once per week (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday). But this isn’t the best PPL routine as each body part is only being trained once a week, which is not optimal for muscle growth.

6 Day Workout Split — The Best PPL Routine

A 6-day workout split is the most effective Push Pull Legs routine, alternating your workouts in six training sessions. It’s well-structured and suitably balanced, and it’s designed to provide you exceptional results.

Let’s show you how it’s done!

P.S. You can follow the 6 Day Workout Split routine for 6-8 weeks.

Monday: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders

Tuesday: Back, Biceps, Traps

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders

Saturday: Back, Biceps, Traps

Sunday: Legs

Push: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders

Pull: Back, Biceps, Traps



What Does Push Pull Legs Do?

The PPL split is a workout schedule that divides your body up into 3 groups: upper body pulling muscles, upper body pushing muscles, and legs.

Is Push Pull Legs Effective?

The PPL split is arguably the most efficient workout split out there since all related muscle groups are trained together in the same workout, meaning you’ll have the least overlap of movements between exercises. This facilitates faster recovery as opposed to other body part splits.

Is Push Pull Legs Good for Beginners?

PPL is an excellent beginner routine. Just spend the first 2-3 weeks determining your weight for each lift and start lighter, then work up—not the other way around.

Is Push Pull Legs Once a Week Enough?

For most, the PPL split should be done 6 days per week,​ the recommended schedule is a push-pull-legs-rest-repeat, therefore hitting each muscle group twice per week.

Wrapping Up

The 6-day workout split is great for those looking to build muscle and strength. It allows for plenty of variation in training while simultaneously hitting the same workouts. In addition, the PPC split offers a significant amount of fat loss due to a high degree of frequency.

If you’re considering a Push Pull Legs routine, we hope our list of important tips and methods will help you in the long run. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments below.