Resolutions Or Commitement?

Hollyday season is over. New year starting, a popular time to make some decisions. That’s what most people do, especially when talking about fitness and gym stuff. They go enthusiastic, full of desire to change something, whether that something is the way the person looks, feels, or something in between. Usually, this kind of commitment ends after a week or two. For those little more disciplined it can last for several months, usually until the sun goes up in the summertime. But, only a few will go on with a really active lifestyle. By active we don’t mean those mad people in the gym bouncing iron around, but average people living the modern life.


Well, it all starts with habits. All those little comfort things that please your senses, give you a sense of value, even false value. Doesn’t matter, as long as it feeds your level of comfort. And one can easily fall back, indulge that feeling and back it up with million reasons for not changing something so familiar – a life that is well structured by your present mood, even if it’s not doing you well. This kind of behavior will put you down the stream of fast aging, health risk, and discomfort. Your brain will try to keep things always the same if it has the luxury to do so. But your body needs nourishment, and it loves some activity. Physical activity, of course.

How does this talk help you? Think about it. Do you want better looks? You want some action in your life, maybe some social contact other than Facebook or Instagram, where everything is mainly artificial and unnatural? You want to feel your body, breathe fully, see the blood pumping muscles you never thought you’ll see again? The bad news is – it will not happen on its own… Good news – it starts the moment you get up on your feet and start to do something. That’s the first step. Go and force your mind to undertake new ways, new paths. Don’t go all that judgemental about your condition, take it slowly and embrace the change on every little step up the road. Because you are changing…

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It not easy, for sure. But going to the doctors and enlarging your medicine cabinet a bit more on every new year sounds better? We believe not. And that is only if you’re lucky. There is simply no alternative to physical development, to physical conditioning of the human body.

Today we know what the body needs to stay healthy. We’re not going to make this solely on food, but it is the most important factor. Period. And for maintaining your good health. This is the first step you need to handle when going up. If you don’t pay attention to what you put in your system on a daily basis you can’t expect everything else will somehow magically sit on its place. It doesn’t work that way.

Then, there is the physical activity. The body needs work. Everybody, young or old. You just need to evaluate your state and your expectations. Type of physical activity can vary a lot from person to person, but it is a must. Pick something you find interesting, something you can do for yourself, stick to it. Nothing more, nothing less.

The third component and the last one will slowly arise from the first two even if you are not aware of it. At least not at first. That would be your awareness, your inner strength, intuition, you name it. Now, we’re not talking here about religious concepts or beliefs people tend to follow. Surprisingly, it has very little to do with religious talks. If any. Every individual possesses some form of inner drive, inner capacity, strength. And, when you are clogged up with junk foods, depressed and oppressed with the lack of activity in your life, your inner strength will also be quiet, hidden somewhere beneath all the negative emotions running through your head. You’ll not be able to reach your true potential or to see how far you can go with it. And without that drive, without your personal strength, you’ll not be the type of person you can truly become. You’ll remain in the shadows, always wanting to go up, but always falling back to that relative and inactive state of mind. But, when starting the food and physique adventure, your confidence will follow, leading you further every day. Soon you’ll be rejecting all the hooks pulling you down. Your inner strength will then take the wheel.

Resolutions are not the place to start. Resolution can help you to understand you need some kind of change, but the wind that’s lifting you up when you decide what that resolution is will quickly stop to blow. Resolutions, like promises, are easily broken.

Go for more than just a new years resolution. You are what you think, so think about what you can do to really make a change. And commit. Let that be your new habit, hold it tight and close, on every single day of your life.

And remember, always try to be somewhere in the middle, always maintain balance. Without ups and downs, life is far less complicated…

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