Sleep For Your Health: Reason To Get More Sleep

Sleep for your health


woman sleepingWhy is sleep so important for health? Average person today lives fast. On an everyday basis, weare expected to maintain all the goodies of modern lifestyle, may it be in business, household, relationships with others… Therefore stress becomes an obstacle leading to all sorts of problems. Some expected, some not so obvious.

Most of the people think few hours of sleep is enough? At start, you could get away with it, but, in the long term, you could face negative sides of sleep – deprivation. Lack of sleep could easily lead to serious health conditions and injuries.

For people who are exposed to stress and physical activities minimal sleep time should be around 7 hours per day, although 8 to 9 would be even better to get optimal rest for your body and soul.

Let’s take a look what happens when you don’t sleep enough.


As we mentioned, when you don’t sleep enough your body suffers hormonal changes that affect your metabolism on a great scale. Constantly, in our body there is a hurdle between two of the main metabolic hormones – insulin and cortizole. The first one is direct in charge of regulating our metabolism of macronutrients. So, when you eat carbs, insulin does the work of turning that carb intake in glucose that can then be easily transported to our muscle fibers for energy. On the other hand, when insulin sensitivity is out of balance, that glucose won’t be able to fuel your muscles. The body will then store it somewhere else to be used in the future. You guess where, but it sure doesn’t look pretty ( think of belly fat, hip fat etc. ).

restThen, there is cortisole, sometimes referred to as the stress hormone. Cortisole levels in our body are in direct connection with the lack of sleep. Simply put, cortisole makes your body to demand for higher glucose levels in your system. That entire urge for sugar won’t come out of the consumed carbs or sugary food, but from your muscle ( body begins to use your protein and amino acids – building blocks of your muscle tissue ) for energy. Cortisole blocks your insulin sensitivity and puts you in action mode. So, again, we have lots of sugar in our system that can then be transferred to our critical zones.

To conclude, when you don’t rest enough, your efforts to maintain good form and health in general could be compromised. Your body will do what it needs to grant survival of bad times. Stress, modern life, and on top the sleep deprivation, can significantly interfere with your fitness goals.


So, what to do about it? First, look for the early signs. When you are not able to get up after the alarm-clock, so you fall asleep and wake up even more tired, chances are you need more sleep. Turn that TV down when it’s bed time.

Sleep well and be health and fit…