The Only Way to Show Those Abs

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First mistake majority of people do when trying to show those abs is doing countless reps of crunches, leg raises, planks, and all the other variants of abs exercises. Sure, it will help, but the one thing one should really focus on in the fridge. Diet. There’s no other way to ensure the ripped abs area than precise nutrition.

Now, precise nutrition takes a whole lot of discipline. Planning. For those who aren’t blessed with an athletic body and the genetics of a Greek god, maintaining the look of ripped abdominals is a whole other game and it takes hard work. Again, hard work in following strict nutritional guidelines, and only then comes the training routine into place.

Note that you shouldn’t strive to be ripped all year long, it will spare you a lot of problems usually associated with it – like depressive states, nervous behavior, anxiety, and many others that occur when the hormones are on the rise and the body tries to push forward despite the rigorous regime of eating and working out. On the other side, if you really want to rock the beach with esthetic looks when the summer comes, don’t go too crazy in the winter time. If you miss the right window or timeframe, you could end up with some more fat you can burn to be right on time for some summer show off.

How exactly do you get those packed abs?

First thing – energy needs on a daily basis.

Calculator in place… There are several methods used to calculate daily calorie needs, all taking your lean body mass, your age, activity level, and your goals into consideration. You need to be objective with those calculations, and there are several available on the net, to get things right from the start.

Second – picking the right diet.

This is the tricky part. There are so many ways to form the nutrition and daily menu for the ripping part of the year. All of them will do the job, more or less, if you don’t exceed your daily energy needs. Accumulated energy means a blanket on your abs. Period. If you want abs the blanket must go off. We won’t go deeper into the subject, because the nutrition part for the abs is a book all on itself, but rest assured that some foods are better than the other. Protein and fat intake are to be your primary concern, carbs are to be taken only when you’re sure to burn them right – after a workout mainly, or when you need energy. Processed carbs are a no-go in any case.

Another important tip to think about – you need to hit your desired calorie intake, do not restrict calories without any idea why and when to implement it, because you’ll be losing valuable muscle mass, and you’ll develop the skinny look you don’t want. For boys and girls, the rules here are the same.

Third – training for the abs

Ok, you need no cardio to get the abs out, but then you’ll be suffering from some intense gym workouts, that are not for most of the people. Meaning, if you go aggressive with the weights, do lots of volume, lots of reps, in as little time possible, chances are you’ll be depleted very soon. That’s only for those who have lots of experience and who know their body to the smallest detail. Otherwise, you could endanger your progress and your goals.

We recommend a more casual approach. Full body workouts without any isolation move, sticking to base exercises with moderate loads and higher rep count. Cardio afterward, go for 30 minutes of moderate intensity…

No complicated routines here – basics are always effective, despite the all-new age systems that are all derived from it in some form.

So, 1-hour workout, 4 times weekly, with sufficient intensity that follows your form. When you’re eager to go for more, do it by all means. Challenge yourself, but always be aware of your shape. Besides the training, try to stay active on the no training days – walking, cycling, anything to recover physically and mentally, in a more relaxed way.

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Final thought

Yes, you need to get the foods right. There is no other way to show the abs and get the look you always wanted. Training helps, does great things for your body, but the looks come with balanced and planned nutritional choices.

Time – you can lose a few pounds rather quickly, but you’ll still have the excess showing where you don’t want it to show. For any program to do the job the right time is crucial. And it will always take a little more than you may think. Be aware of this plain fact. Be real about your expectations and allow yourself some time to see the results of your effort.