Top 5 Common Fitness Mistakes

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Gym strength training is hard physical work. It’s not to be taken lightly. Often, training involves mistakes that can lead to injuries or different kinds. A lot of these injuries are a result of the lack of knowledge, motivation, real experience, and information, or a combination of all of these factors. Either way, try to avoid them, as they can seriously impact your health and fitness levels.

These are 5 fitness mistakes common for novice and experienced trainees.

Mistake 1: No Warm Up

Some consider warm up as a waste of time. This is the first huge mistake to consider. The most important thing you can do before you start working out is warm up your body properly. Why? Warming up prepares your body, muscles, and joints for lifting weights. The main benefit for your body when performing warm-up routine lies in increasing blood circulation. Simply put, blood starts to flow to your muscles, increases body and muscle temperature, which will help you to perform well in each exercise and to avoid injuries. So, before every workout, whether you are doing cardio or strength training, take 5-10 minutes of proper warm-up.

Mistake 2: Lifting Too Heavy With Bad Form

Lifting too heavy often leads to improper and poor form. Lifting weights with sloppy form almost always result in injury. Proper form also ensures correct muscle targeting. If you are doing biceps curls and you’re swinging your whole upper body, your biceps will not take the load and do the work meant to be done. Even do in this exercise it’s not so common, you can potentially cause injury. And when it comes to complex exercises like deadlifts, squats or bench press, you’re up for a big gamble. Therefore, choose a weight that you can lift with a full range of motion and in proper form.

Mistake 3: Not Changing Your Workout Routine

With time, the body adapts to your strength training routine. If you want continuous progress, you should try to increase the intensity, either by shortening rest periods or increasing repetition range or by changing your training routine entirely by introducing new moves and exercises. Don’t be afraid to try something new, challenge yourself, and go for more complex moves and volume in your training. Changes in your workout are essential for long-term progress. Still, you should plan these changes. Pick one routine and stick to it until you see progress slows down or entirely stops. Then choose some other, preferably of an advanced type, and keep on pushing.

Mistake 4: Focusing Too Much On Cardio To Lose Weight

Some people believe that the only way to lose a pound is trough exhausting cardio sessions. Cardio can be useful for fat loss and health in general, but the best possible thing you can do to truly fat loss is to gain some muscle mass through weight training. Ladies too. Long and exhausting cardio will “eat „your muscles, often leaving your fat reserves intact, especially in combination with excessive calorie restriction.

Mistake 5: Training Too Often

If you’re up for some serious muscle mass mind the train – rest cycle. Muscles don’t grow in the gym. Real changes happen when you’re resting (sleeping). If you train too often you can over-train, soon you’ll not be able to do a single workout as you do normally. Although you might not feel it, your body certainly needs days off to recover from strength training. It’s not just the muscles that need to recover; your whole body needs rest.

Same goes when talking about the length of your training. People tend to spend way too much time in the gym. Lifting weights to build and tone your figure is not an endurance sport, you don’t need a two-hour training session to get the result you desire.

Leave some time to recover. Listen to the signs your body sends.