Beginner’s Tips: Where To Start Your Fitness Journey

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So you want to start your fitness journey. You find yourself standing in front of some fitness center. You stare at big shiny glass walls wondering what’s on the other side. Behind that big glass there are some animals bouncing dumbbells around, surely some bad guys you don’t want to mess with.

heavy squatsMaybe somewhere you could stumble upon that kind of a gym, but, trust us, most of the gym centers are far more sophisticated than that. As a newcomer you’ll probably be advised how and what to train to best suit your expectations. If you are feeling more enthusiastic you could find some personal trainer to do some training with you, to give you security and backup in your newly discovered passion. Maybe you’ll end up in some form of group training, or some sort of light activities like Pilates or Yoga. It really depends on your character and your expectations.

Still, you are standing in front of the door. And now what? Well, just enter. Go to the counter, meet the staff, and see what they have to offer. Most of the centers have trainers to give you some general guidelines at the start of your journey. And will be happy to help you get started.

Explain what are your expectations, and, very important, tell them about your limitations, if you have one. If you have some problems with the knee trainer needs to know all about it. If you are allergic to some food, environmental conditions or anything else for that matter, point it out. Any single detail that could lead to injury needs to be properly explained. Normally, if you have some severe medical conditions like hearth problems or something of that kind, you should ask for a medical advice from your doctor prior to even going to the gym.

All that said, you are now in the locker room. And you are still nervous. That’s normal, you haven’t done this before. Everything is so new and unfamiliar. But that’s no reason to go home disappointed. Give it a try, its well worth the effort.

You are finally in the gym area. There are some pretty big machines in there. And those giant looking cages with the barbells and plates loaded on all sides. The treadmills are buzzing; some people are sweating riding the Stairmaster. You hear painful yelling on the other side. Some guys are kicking it with some big dumbbells. You see a girl slim tiny like a butterfly doing squats with some serious weight on top of her back.

Where Should I Start My Fitness Journey?

What am I doing here? Remember, you’re just starting your fitness journey.

To get to that point you’ll need some time. But, if you take things the right way from the start, you could get there faster than the rest, who were not so thoughtful about the whole thing.

And you start by a light walk on the treadmill. Just to kick off your first training session. You start to feel relaxed. This is not that difficult, you think for yourself. You step of the mill and start to do some light pre-workout stretching, even if you don’t know how it’s done. Then you step on the machines, which are far better choice for you as a newcomer. Machines guide your movement, you just need to take a proper stance and give some real energy in pursuing the movement from start to finish. And your brain starts to pick up your moves. So be sure to get it right right, it will be your valuable resource in future lifting times.

dumbell rack and woman (1)And you do some exercises in a row, with some rest time in-between. You hear about sets, repetitions, heart rate, extension, flexion… all sorts of terms you never knew existed.

But you’re kicking it. After some 40 minutes time you’re done. And you probably feel OK. You felt some muscles and you still feel them while doing some regenerative cardio after the training.

That wasn’t too hard… well, the truth is, in your first week you shouldn’t feel any hard muscle soreness. That comes later, when things start to be more serious.

For now, focus on the technique and your breathing, ask your trainer for explanations. If you feel some funny sensations stop and see what’s happening. Don’t go through the painful movements thinking it has to hurt. Muscles could hurt, but joints, knees, backs or your neck shouldn’t.

And educate yourself about some general food guidelines. Do not go to the gym on a strict no-food diet. And do not forget to eat after the training session. Most people, women in particular, will relate to some super dieting tips with no real food included and therefore completely ruin the results of the training. And will, after two or three weeks of that “dieting” lose motivation and simply stop attending.

Think about consistency, not about fast results, because there are none. Allow your brain to reprogramme your habits, adapt to some new better ones. You’ll be learning how to become a fuller, healthier and stronger human being.

Just slow down and think long term, your fitness journey is just starting…