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The Only Way to Show Those Abs

First mistake majority of people do when trying to show those abs is doing countless reps of crunches, leg raises, planks, and all the other variants of abs exercises. Sure, it will help, but the one thing one should really focus on in the fridge. Diet. There’s no other way

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Bodyweight Training

If you’re not comfortable in the gym, there are always some good alternatives to standard weight training that need no special equipment and can be done anywhere around you – at home, in the park, even in your workspace. Bodyweight training, as the name suggests, uses your own body to

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Mind – Muscle Connection

Now, lifting weights is only part of the job. Yes, results will come if you do it regularly and are disciplined with the foods you take to follow up your routine. But if you don’t care about the move itself, then you’ll be experiencing only half of the story… Our

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Exercise and Body Posture

Modern living has left quite an impact on the human posture, not only in the gym where the effects of bad posture are obvious and in the plain sight, but also in general. There are many reasons to it, from a sedentary life, unsuitable working environment, lack of any physical

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Signs Of Physical Exhaustion

How to know you’re pushing it too hard? When to back off a little? The first one appears rather early as a warning sign – trouble sleeping. If you’re tired, but just can’t close your eyes, you’re under the control of high cortisol levels. cortisol is a stress hormone, reacts

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Maintaining Energy Levels

Exercising and activity lead to increased energy consumption. As do long-lasting work hours and bad nutritional choices. A result of it will be tiredness and lack of energy if you don’t understand what affects your energy reserves, and how. FEW KNOWN STEALERS OF ENERGY ALCOHOL – known enemy of any

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muscle soreness

Dealing With Muscle Soreness

You decided to make a change. Started to follow some gym regime. Maybe just finished your first workout. Everything looks great, you feel confident and strong. Until the next morning, or the morning after, when soreness comes around. You feel pain, your muscles are burning. That’s muscle soreness you’re feeling.

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Few Tips On How To Get In Shape

Even though losing fat is a primarily esthetic choice, getting in shape goes hand in hand with it. When you drop a pound or two you feel lighter, your agility increases and your body runs things more smoothly.  People today have plenty of problems with fat loss. The main would

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Nutritional Plans And Choices

Today we have plenty of methods and guidelines on nutrition and food choices all around us. There are so many proclaimed under all sorts of philosophies and names. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose what’s right because every method has a horde of followers with testimonials to back it

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Some Tips For Bigger Arms

Ok guys, this one is for you. Even do lean formed arms look great on the woman also, the arm size is often the first choice of all the guys in the gym. Everyone wants big guns right? Like any other part of the body, arms need some attention and

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